Welcome to Infinity Visiting Physicians of Michigan

Welcome to Infinity Visiting Physicians of Michigan, care beyond what you expect through our Visiting Physicians. Our mission is to help you get back to your normal and happy life through superior services. These were genuinely created to let you be better and live a productive and progressive lifestyle. We are a visiting physicians agency that provides care anytime at your convenience and understands the medical needs of our clients.


Your health is very important, so we help you protect and preserve it in any way we can. We know that when it comes to your medical needs, there are instances when you will have difficulty in choosing the right partner. Keep calm and talk to us! We are here to support you and raise you up from all these challenges. We know that for tough times, it is more than just the physical health that is in need but the emotional and psychological, as well. We are more than just medical professionals. We are also friends you can lean on.

Dedicated Staff

Expert Staff

Our medical staff performs essential evaluations for your health care needs.  You can count on our excellent medical staff to provide you with the best medical care.

Our Commitment

We are committed to excellence in patient care, providing highly qualified doctors to serve your medical needs. We place a strong emphasis on the patient-physician relationship.

A Team that Matters

Whether preforming a critical screening exam or a simple X-ray, our medical staff has the knowledge, experience and compassion to provide the best optimal care.


Specialty Care & Diagnostic Testing

Infinity Visiting Physicians is equip with the most recent laboratory and diagnostic tests, which allows our physicians to give you the most accurate diagnoses.  For a complete evaluation of your medical needs, Infinity Visiting Physicians of Michigan is the place for you.

Specialty Services


General Surgery

Internal Medicine



Diagnostic Testing

CT Scans




Diabetes Testing


Incision & Drainage of Abscess

Breathing Treatment

Burn Treatment


IV Infusion Therapy

Laboratory Testing

Corona Virus Testing

Cholesterol Testing

Microscopic Analysis

CBC Testing

Cancer Screening

We provide regular Doctor visits to each member, we assign each patient with Doctor’s and Nurses according to each patients needs.  We take pride with frequent telephone to check on each patients, to ensure every medical need is addressed for the caring of each patient.

Home Care For Our Community

In response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in our community, we stand in the gap with all of our patients. Working with Patients and Family is our goal, providing excellent services and care with Doctors, Nurses and premium health care providers to better serve our patients.

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